Jeffrey Adams Appointed Partner

The L&Y Sydney office is delighted to announce that long-serving lawyer, Jeffrey Adams, has been appointed partner.

Adams started with the firm eleven years ago, as part of the L&Y graduate program. Adams worked his way through the ranks, quickly establishing himself as a reputable corporate solicitor. He has worked on a number of high profile cases, securing favourable results and impressing his superiors. Adams successfully led the merger of Holgate House and Reed Pharmaceuticals in 2011, and also assisted multinational companies, such as Jones & Weybridge, with complex takeovers.

 L&Y globally recognises Adams as an asset to the business, and congratulates him on his appointment as partner.

For further information please contact Josh Wright:


Our Toronto Office Opens

L&Y is set to open a Toronto office in June of this year. Located in the central business district of Toronto, this marks the expansion of L&Y into Canada.

The firm will be set up initially by Adam Walden, current partner at L&Y New York, and Simon Thomas, formerly a partner of Vancouver-based firm, Wallis Lang. Six senior partners have already been appointed, along with seven senior lawyers from top Canadian and international practices and a strong network of support staff. Thomas says ‘we hope to grow larger and attract lawyers of the highest calibre in order to offer the unsurpassed representation L&Y is renowned for worldwide.

we hope to grow larger and attract lawyers of the highest calibre in order to offer the unsurpassed representation L&Y is renowned for worldwide.  Simon Thomas

Walden is confident the Toronto office will be a success, saying that ‘after numerous dealings with Canadian branches of multinational corporations, this was a natural progression for us.

The office will formally open on 1 June 2016. For further information please contact Jane Kenney:


London Office Wins UK Green Energy Award

L&Y is proud to announce that its London office has won the UK Green Energy Award in recognition of our contribution to the environment.

This is the highest honour of its kind in Britain, awarded to companies who are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. L&Y London is committed to reducing carbon emissions through a number of innovative improvements, including the installation of sensor lights and desktop technology designed to reduce the amount of power used by computers every day.